“True worship leaders worship the Lord at all times and use songs only when necessary.” 
― Gangai Victor, The Worship Kenbook

About Worship Leading

Kim Walker shares her experience getting into worship leading and her progression since.

5 Practical Tips

Darin Browne shares common pitfalls of worship leading and tips on how to overcome them.

Complete Vocal Lesson

Paul Baloche and team share in detail how we can sing better and in harmony with a group of backup vocalists.

Praying During Worship

Paul Baloche shares his perspective of praying during a session of corporate worship.

What The Bible Says About Worship Posture

An insight into what the Bible says about the posture of worship and how we can challenge the congregation to engage in that.

Performance Vs. Worship Leading

Paul Baloche shares his experience dealing with performance and worship leading and how to differentiate the two.

Introducing A New Song

Paul Baloche shows us how we can introduce a new song in corporate worship.