Hearing what you want.


We have to look and say

"my sacrifice of praise is giving these up (floor monitors or amps) sometimes".


- Paul Baloche Sound Tech



It is not always easy transiting from floor monitors to in ear monitors. Most of us are used to, and prefer, the blanket of sound coming from in front of us from floor monitors rather than from inside our heads with in ears. 


In a small sanctuary, the effects floor monitors have on the congregation's perception of clarity and overall loudness is significant and, often times, the overall sound becomes muddy and too loud. 


In ear monitors take getting used to and we can look at this transition as a sacrifice of praise. We are sacrificing our comfort for the needs of the congregation, so they can be aided to worship by the music we make. 








Paul Baloche and sound team explain when IEMs are the way to go and how it affects the congregation's worship. 


If there is only so much volume I can have in a room, and half of that comes from floor monitors, then the needs of a few (stage musicians) outweight the needs of many (the congregation).





We have 2 sets of Westone UM PRO 20s as 'House IEMs'.

Feel free to use them.

You can keep the ear buds!