From subtle swells to downright rocking out, this instrument is capable of teasing out such a wide variety of emotions in people. It has a key role in the modern day worship band and can add that shimmer and shine to an already solid band. 

Electric Guitar In Worship Songs

A relevant approach to playing lines over chords in worship songs. A very important basic approach to play electric guitar for worship.

Using Ambient Swells In Worship

An apt demonstration on how ambient swells can create a lush sound bed for an intimate moment or for others to build upon.

Ambient Guitar Tip #3

Andy Othling shows us his tips for creating lush ambient swells.

Ambient Guitar Tip #4

Andy Othling shows us chord shapes for playing ambient guitar.

Styles Of Modern Worship Guitar

Chris shows us how to apply modern guitar playing in worship.

Ambient Lead Lines

A demonstration on how to play simple ambient lead lines over quieter passages of music.

Electric Guitar With Paul Baloche

A long detailed demonstration on how to play electric guitar with a full band.