Arguably the most influential instrument to control dynamics of a song, playing drums requires a mix of discipline to keep time as well as a sensitivity to where the song is going.

Drumming In Church

Stephen shows us how we might choose to play drums in a church worship context to best suit the needs of the church.

Playing To A Metronome

A guide on how we can practice at home and at rehearsal with a metronome.

Playing Gospel Or Christian Drums

Larnell Lewis shows us how to play what is appropriate for each section of a song. 

Playing With A Bass Player

Drumeo tutorial tips on playing with a blass player.

Proper Set Up Of Drums

Cobus and Jared show us how to properly tune and set up a drum kit from scratch.

How To Tune Drums

Drumeo shows us how to properly tune each drum in a kit.

Maybe Not Like This

Just for laughs.