Part rhythm and part chordal, this crucial but often overlooked instrument creates the foundation from which the band can build from. Playing the bass requires a sensitivity to both the groove and the melody to effectively support the band. 

Locking Tight With The Band

Scott teaches us how to be sensitive to other instruments to lock in tight with the band.

Expanding Fingerboard Range

Scott shows us how we can expand our fingerboard range to create more interesting patterns.

Playing With The Drummer

Scott explains how we can interact with the drummer's groove. 

Primary Role Of Bass Players

Paul Baloche reminds us of our technical role as bass players in the worship team.

Simple Bass Gear

Jesse Reeves shows us his simple rig set up and how good bass tone is not exclusive to complex gear. 

Mastering Your Fingerboard

Scott shows us how we can master our fingerboard and we comfortable playing at every section of it.

Scott's Full Length Lesson

Scott gives us a detailed breakdown of the important concepts of playing bass.

*Long video*